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A IWRN é composta de pessoas que cuidam da água. O objetivo comum é trabalhar para a segurança hídrica e fornecer água potável a todas as pessoas, preservando o ambiente exuberante que torna cada bacia tão especial. Pessoas, organizações, públicas ou privadas, e os governos fazem parte da RIRH. Faça parte da RIRH.

Fazer parte da RIRH não tem custo e é aberta a todos os interessados.

To become part of IWRN is free. Contributions are optional - but, we work on the honor system. If you feel IWRN is worthwhile, make a contribution.

IWRN is present in all countries of the Americas. Each Dialogue has promoted the aftermath conversations and iniatiaves to advance in water management objectives in the countries where it has been held. IWRN communities reflect the breadth and depth of the water sector in the Americas.

Specialist groups are an exceptionally effective means of international networking, sharing information and skills, and making good professional and business contacts. Task groups are formed in order to perform a defined task, such as producing reports, best management practice publications, and water policy briefings. 

To download the IWRN Membership application, click here.

IWRN will hold an open house at the upcoming Eighth World Water Forum in Brasilia,
in March 17-23, 2018. If you are interested in participating in this event, write to waterforum@iwrn.org for details and a pass for the event.


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Phone: +55 (61) 3032-3200
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