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IWRN is a water network for the Americas!

We focus on the big water picture
and its future

The aim of IWRN is to promote the adoption of public policies for water management in the Americas. The Network serves as a promoter for the implementation of agreements on water resources and their objectives approved at the regional summits and international meetings.
IWRN has become an important and accessible provider of information and knowledge on water issues in the context of sustainable development and climate change, and it is promoting Dialogues to promote synergies of solutions leading to a safe water future with water for all.

We share water knowledge 
with everyone

IWRN has held 7 Water Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management since 1993 and many specialized meetings on water and the issues that affect sustainability and equity in a changing world. IWRN seeks active commitment of its partners in each country of the Americas to adopt water security as a relevant country objective, and works with the technical-scientific community to provide foundation for appropriate water management practices that lead to sustainablity and social justice.

Water Futures and Solutions for the Americas

What will the future look like in water in a world subject to societal progression, intense migrations dynamics, increased trade, tool innovation, and climate change? So, how do we work in a collaborative environment to describe these scenarios and identify solutions to reach that future with secured water, food, energy, and a society in peace?
WFAS/Americas is a regional initiative promoted by IWRN and IIASA with water and out-of-the-water-box experts will give us some views on the issue that draw futures scenarios for water in the region. 


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