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Vision, Mission, Goals, Values

How will be the water management in the Future? Well, it depends on what stakeholders dream for water security will be in your basin. And IWRN is launching this initiative to design the water future today.


Water resources in the Americas are well managed in an integrated, collaborative, and sustainable manner.


To enhance sustainable integrated water resources policies and management in the Americas by providing an inclusive and collaborative environment among individuals, organizations, and governments.


  1. To support the advancement of the state of affairs of water policy in the Americas.
  2. To serve as a catalyst for the implementation of water resources-related agreements and their goals approved at summits and international venues.
  3. To achieve active involvement of IWRN members in every country of the Americas.
  4. To become an important and accessible provider of water resources information in the region.


  1. Inclusive: we are inclusive and embrace the diversity of our membership and stakeholders, bringing together people, organizations and countries in the Americas concerned with the future of water.
  2. Science & Practice-Based: IWRN is science and practice-based, exploring the frontiers of science, technology and best practices and bringing policy makers and paractitioners together to share knowledge, resources, and ideas to address challenges of water management, especially in transboundary systems.
  3. Service Oriented: we provide outstanding services that support and inspire our members, participants, partners and others and help them to be successful in realizing our common goals.
  4. Excellence: we look for and promote excellence and leadership in all aspects of water management, in conducting our activities and delivering results.
  5. Gender and generational balance: Humanity benefits from water as an essential element to sustain life across generations. Women play an essential role in guaranteeing that water reaches everyone, including children. We strive to include women and young stakeholders.

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