Water Futures and Solutions
for the Americas

How will be the water management in the Future? Well, it depends on what stakeholders dream for water security will be in your basin. And IWRN is launching this initiative to design the water future today.

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What will the future look like in water in a world subject to societal progression, intense migrations dynamics, increased trade, tool innovation, and climate change? So, how do we work in a collaborative environment to describe these scenarios and identify solutions to reach that future with secured water, food, energy, and a society in peace?

WFAS/Americas is an initiative launched by IWRN and IIASA with water and out-of-the-water-box experts to gather views on the issues that draw futures scenarios for water in the region.

The scale and complexity of the water challenges faced by society are now recognized, as is the imperative of overcoming these challenges for a stable and equitable world. The Water Futures and Solutions for the Americas (WFaS/Americas), a regional initiative underway promoted by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN), is an unprecedented interdisciplinary scientific effort to define challenges and identify and test water-related solutions across society in the region, taking into account all economic sectors, such as agriculture, sanitation, energy, industry, tourism, among others. New water scenarios, based on cutting‑edge global and regional modeling, seek breakthroughs not only in problem understanding, but also in the development of solutions. This scenario‑based water analysis pioneers an interdisciplinary approach, combining multi‑model ensemble analysis across sectors and socioeconomic factors such as governance. The initiative includes major stakeholder consultation components to inform and guide the science, and to test and refine policy and business outcomes with the involvement of all perspectives of society.

Regional experts presented ideas to work in the development of scenarios at the basin, regional, and national levels, in order to provide plausible applications of the models for on-the-ground challenges 

closer to the national and watershed areas of influence. In particular, the experts from the Americas region (composed of North America and Latin America and the Caribbean), are particularly interested in the inclusion of “out-of-the-water-box” participation and “water-box” interface to the themes and sectors that exert influence on water security objectives. Thus, IWRN and IIASA are establishing country and regional communities of practice (CoP) that will grow through direct participation in initiative´s meetings, other stakeholder´s meetings, and through a web-based portal that will be designed and established to achieve WFaS objectives across the Americas.

Thus, the major purpose of WFaS/Americas is to develop a set of adaptable, resilient and robust solutions and a framework to facilitate access to and guidance through them by decision makers facing a variety of water-related challenges to sustainable development, and a set of optional pathways to achieve goals in the desirable drawn futures by 2050 with an intermediate horizon in 2030, in order to align timeframes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) agreed and being adopted by the countries in the region as the checkpoint to assess the advances towards sustainability, taking as a reference water security.

IWRN issues a call for hosting the Dialogue and other events from time to time. Please contact the IWRN Secretariat if you or your organization is interesting in partnering with IWRN to host an event or meeting that is important in your region or country.


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