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The IWRN is a network of networks whose purpose is to build and strengthen water resources partnerships among nations, organizations, and individuals; to promote education and the open exchange of information and technical expertise; and to enhance communication, cooperation, collaboration and financial commitment to integrated water and land resources management within the context of environmental and economic sustainability in the Americas.
IWRN was founded in 1994 as the main recommendation of the First Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, which produced the Miami Declaration.
The Network is going through a reorganization to better serve the water stakeholder community in the hemisphere. Now, IWRN governance is elected from a wide base in order to allow all water stakeholders to forward their views about the best ways to influence the implementation of sound water policies in our countries and exchange the lessons learned from practices in the field.
IWRN has organized seven (7) Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management, as a flagship event that gathers water management practitioners from all over the hemisphere.

7 Dialogues

Miami 1993, Buenos Aires 1996, Panamá 1999, Foz de Iguaçu 2001, Montego Bay 2005, Guatemala 2007, Medellín 2011. The upcoming Dialogue is in the making.

34 Countries

IWRN has formal representation from all countries in the Americas. The Organization of American States (OAS) serves as a facilitator for the official participation of countries in IWRN activities. 

Since 1994

Created as the main recomendation in the 1993 Water Dialogue in Miami, the accord for the incorporation of IWRN has OAS as the depository entity, and the Network if formally recognized by its Permanent Council. 


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