IWRN has organized 7 Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management and several specialized water regional meetings since 1993. The Water Dialogues have served as a regional barometer to show the advance on water policies in the hemisphere.

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The Water Dialogues have become the meeting point for countries to discuss formal collaboration and cooperation initiatives on water issues, facilitated by the
Organization of American States.

The first Dialogue, held in Miami in October of 1993, produced the Declaration of Miami, that called for the creation of the Inter-American Water Resources Network.

D1 - Miami, USA - 1993
The Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management was more than two years in the making. It was an outgrowth of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio and particularly the freshwater component (Chapter 18) of Agenda 21. The overriding question of the Dialogue was, “How do we take the Earth Summit results and begin to make a difference on-the-ground?”  More...


D2 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1996
The second Water Dialogue, held in September 1-6, 1996, had an over-arching theme "Intergrated management of water resources for the sustainable development of the Americas". The contributions were organized in four topics: (a) Integrated water resources and river basin management; (b) Legal and economic water policies to support sustainable development; (c) Strategies for sharing and exchanging experiences and expertise with water technologies; (d)  Strategies for funding and investing in water resources. More...

D3 - Panama City, Panama - 1999
The Third Inter-American Dialogue on
Water Management on March 21-25, 1999. The meeting of more than five hundred
senior water managers and decision makers of stakeholder groups identified actions for
integrated water resources management in a the following five general areas: (a) Water and health; (b) Transboundary water management; (c) Economic valuation of water; (d) Public participation; and, (e) Responses to impacts of global change. More...


D4 - Foz de Iguassu, Brazil - 2001
The Fourth Water Dialogue served to promote the exchange of information, knowledge and practices on the use of water among the peoples of the Americas. Under the main theme "In Search of Solutions", D4 focused in the dissemination of the knowledge necessary to assure best management of the water resources and practices that emphasize the shared decision making. More...

D5 - Montego Bay, Jamaica - 2005
The Fifth Dialogue evolved around the development of concrete actions, recommended in the D4, to share experiences and solutions among countries to improve their water management capacities. To put this in motion countries executed the GEF DELTAMERICA project, that sought to strenthen these exchange mechanisms through IWRN, and to share the experiences that would serve as an expample for other regions of the world. More...


D6 - Guatemala City, Guatemala - 2007
The Sixth Water Dialogue was held in August 12-17, 2007, produced a number of clear messages about the challenges experienced by the water management practitioners of the Americas, such as the need to get the word out to the users about the importance of water management in the day-to-day of everyone, and how to construct good policies that promote good practices to manage water across users and stakeholders at large. More...

D7 - Medellin, Colombia - 2011
For the seventh occasion, the Water Dialogue met to establish agreements for the care of the water, a precious element essential to life, from one generation to the other. Thus, the overarching theme was "to reach an inter-generational compromise to care for water", meaning that water plans and goals should look more into the future by taking into account the lessons learned in the past. More...


DWG2015 - Fortaleza, Brazil - 2015
The Dialogue on Water Governance was the first specialized Water Dialogue organized by IWRN. The first three days, the DWG 2015 hosted a discussion on six (6) themes and a plenary panel discussion on Water Governance and Security. The fourth day, the DWG hosted the first Regional Consultation on Water Security for Latin America and the Caribbean facilitated by the UN-Water Task Force on Water Security. More...

IWRN issues a call for hosting the Dialogue and other events from time to time. Please contact the IWRN Secretariat if you or your organization is interesting in partnering with IWRN to host an event or meeting that is important in your region or country.


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